543-25 Relief Pipes for 1925-29 JD

543-25 Relief Pipes for 1925-29 JD had “gone the way of the dinosaur” years ago, virtually extinct on any continent. An improper fitting breather tube will make servicing your machine tedious, often difficult to clear the cylinder and enter the primary cover at the proper location. Most OEM originals have been compromised during their existence either by inherent abuse or alterations to ease assembly. Fitment is neither simple nor quick. I found examples that were proof of backyard mechanics, shoddy imports, or inaccurate details, all great disappointments for sure. After requests from restoration enthusiasts and Cannonball riders alike for 543-25, I finally located a viable OEM sample from Sagebrush Cycles in Texas. We test-fitted our donor pipe to several different machines, making sure it would properly install. JD officionados were consulted concerning finish details. Doesn’t seem as there was a finish, so we provide it raw. You decide? We intend to offer you the most accurate 543-25 breather pipes with details as HD had originally engineered.

After shop interviews with local industry specialists, we engaged a digital bending shop to assure repeated exactitude. The machine work for the remaining pieces of hardware was again handled by our favorite highly qualified machine shop staff. Replicant Metals fabricated holding jigs for trimming the tubes to length and holding the retainer collar while soldering solidly in place. After they were lightly acid-etched and then neutralized, they were dipped in a desiccant and coated with a light oil to prevent surface rust.

543-25 Relief Pipe is suited to late JD models with iron oil pumps.

As always, if your machine deserves the best, you require Replicant Metals. Proudly produced by the finest metals smiths and craftsmen in the galaxy.


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