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2507-30 Clutch Spring Screw and 2509-30 Clutch Spring Nut Sector

2507-30 Clutch Spring Screw and 2509-30 Clutch Spring Nut Sector are now proudly offered by Replicant Metals for 1930-36 74”+80”.  During years of assembling VLs we preferred to use NOS parts so clutches worked as smoothly as possible. Then there were none … OEM good used were soon in short supply. Then nothing but dregs were left: screws with obliterated slots and smeared locator detents, nut sectors that were deformed and stripped made function nearly impossible. Over the years, off shore producers provided inconsistent and defective hardware that also proved unreliable.

Now you can restore your VL clutch to the smooth action as originally engineered before the Great Depression. Just sanitize the shell and hub, detail the spline dogs to get rid of all the chiggers and chatter. Next, alternate fiber plates and steels, install proper springs, and assemble with fresh screws and nut sectors. 

Replicant Metals has relied on the expertise of my favorite local artisans to accurately copy Harley Davidson NOS clutch components and machine them from top quality American steel. 2507-30 Clutch Spring Screws of proper length with correctly sawed slotshave “cold headed” index shoulders for accurate detent in releasing disc 2479-30. Guaranteed to stay exactly as you adjust, all the time. Spring screw sectors 2509-30 were machined from billet with the properly angled landings and perpendicular threads for spring bases to remain properly seat as intended. Since our new screws are exceptionally crisp, it will make sense to detail the screw index slots with a triangular file to restore OEM status.

Replicant Metals offers clutch basket removal and clutch assembly tools (see photos in our TOOL section). We also supply fiber and steel disc clutch plate sets 2481-30. Clutch spring 2511-30 sets will soon be available to complete your restoration and afford flawless operation of your VL clutch.

Watch for 2507-15 clutch spring screws and 2509-12 clutch spring sectors for J Models later in 2017.

As always, if your machine deserves the best, you require Replicant Metals. Proudly produced by the finest metals smiths and craftsmen in the galaxy.


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