2004-31 and 2008-31

2004-31 Shift Lever for 1931-35 VL and 2008-31 Shift Guide for 1930-34 VL

Replicant Metals proudly announces our most recent offering, 2004-31 Shift Lever for 1931-35 VL and 2008-31 Shift Guide for 1930-34 VL. Shiny jewelry for the tanks and the absolute eye-candy of any hand shift machine. Years ago, these prizes were readily available at most vintage swap meets in reasonable condition, occasionally one would pop up on the web, or the mechanically skilled would retrofit the OEM parts that arrived with their project ... welding, grinding, and painting. Many other folks learned the hard way with ill-fitting reproductions and voiced their opinions. 

Replicant Metals paid attention and has recreated the iconic 1930’s VL shifter lever and shift gate. I enlisted my metallurgy guru to evaluate and specify metals Harley-Davidson used for the lever and gate. We had the proper material laser-cut for accuracy, contracted with my favorite machinist to engrave the guides and cut the threaded knob mount. While they were busy, our local water-jet shop cut dies for our forming table and we started testing the annealed stock for resilience and memory.  When all components were ready, we formed the levers and gates and had them hardened to R-36 and brazed the knob-fitting in place. Considerable time was invested detailing the edges and joints before sending parts to the tumbling polishers for surface cleaning and edge easement.

Finally, off to the platers for copper, nickle and industrial chrome. Don’t expect show chrome on a lasagna noodle as most current off-shore suppliers may offer. EXPECT accurate parts that function as intended with a finish that looks like it came from the Harley-Davidson factory in the mid 1930s. We spared no time or effort to ensure authenticity. Made in the USA. Works perfectly on ALL 1930-36 VL models even though specifically intended for 1931-35.

As always, if your machine deserves the best, you require Replicant Metals. Proudly produced by the finest metals smiths and craftsmen in the galaxy.


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