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Replicant Metals is excited to present the “MOTOR SHOP”, the NEWEST Section of replacement parts for 1916-48 Harley Davidson motorcycles.

As I fielded questions from Enthusiasts around the globe concerning the availability of machined parts I wondered who would provide those scarce internal parts in the future. It was apparent few qualified machinists existed that were interested in low volume productions of highest quality metallurgy. After quizzing aficionados of our industry no-one had suggestions to locate the OEM holy grail of motor parts. Many had regrets and tales of reproduction parts failures but no remedy. I always found great respect attributed to JIM’s USA, revered is a better phrase, the best of the industry. When I contacted Jims I was told they stocked some of the items I requested, but I would need to be a distributor to purchase them or to have a limited edition specifically made for Replicant Metals. The rest is history, I immediately shipped off my last NOS pinion shaft still in cosmoline for a West Coast vacaton We now stock crank pins, sprocket shafts and commissioned Jims to make a batch of pinion shafts for VL models.

The Replicant Metals “MOTOR SHOP” will also provide quality intake and exhaust valves, valve guides, copper head gaskets for 7 and 9 bolts Big Twin flatheads, tappet rollers, head bolts and cylinder nuts, tappet and cam cover screws with lock washers and gasket sets. We intend to constantly add more internal parts for various applications to allow constant rotation and internal combustion of pocket valve and flathead motors.

Above you will see our NEW products from Jim’s USA, #348-30 crank pin fits 1915-36 61, 74 and 80-inch motors, #352-30 sprocket shaft for 74 & 80-inch VL and UL, plus #355-30 pinion shaft for 1930-36 74 and 80-inch VL. All are now in stock and ready to ship.

As always, if your machine deserves the best, you require Replicant Metals. Proudly produced by the finest metals smiths and craftsmen in the galaxy.


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