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2754-30 .... Head Cones and Cups Kit (1930-39 DL,RL, WL + C)

Motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere realize the necessity for smooth reacting steering on our vintage machines.  After our recent introduction of head cones and cups for VLs, owners of JD, DL and RL motorcycles requested quality replacement parts for their bikes as well.  Replicant Metals has enlisted the same renowned machinists and platers to provide the absolute best reproduction parts available for your DL, RL, WL and G.  The exacting process this time was approached with an experienced appreciation of detail.  We evaluated OEM samples, compared their dimensions and metallurgy, consulted with educated enthusiasts and attained a homogenized formula for a limited production batch.  We chose 1018 steel to machine crisp details with clean surfaces and to achieve Rockwell 60 on bearing surfaces without making the balance brittle.  After powder removal of residues from hardening, all components were cadmium plated to +.0005 and heat conditioned to eliminate hydrogen embrittlement.  The top cone knurled edge is crisp and aggressive, the thread pitch of the cone screws firmly onto an OEM fork tube and the bearing race is accurately formed to the profile of the 5/16” balls.  The cups press firmly into the frame neck and lower bearing cone accurately finds its’ proper location

DL, RL, WL and G head cone and cup set is comprised of;  2 each 2752-30 upper and lower head cups, 1 each 2754-30 upper head cone, 1 each 2756-30 lower head cone and 30 each 0282 steel balls 5/16”.

Sold only as complete set.

Head Cones and cup sets for 1920 and later J models are nearing completion.  Stay tuned for their debut in this space in the very near future.

If your machine deserves the best you require REPLICANT METALS.



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