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Seasons Greetings!

Here’s wishing our loyal customers and all vintage motorcycle enthusiasts a healthy, joyous holiday and a prosperous New Year with International Peace.

During the last several decades we all became accustomed to a certain kind of reality, an acceptable pace for commerce. Then came the pandemic and we all needed to adjust to a “NEW Normal,” whatever that might mean. Material supplies changed drastically, labor forces were compromised, and shipping suffered from that combination of issues. Today, costs of postage and delivery have more than doubled, and arrival times have tripled or even quadrupled dependent on location. As we head into the holiday season of unbridled spending and passionate giving, Replicant Metals needs to make everyone aware of acceptable procedures. Techniques that will help us fulfill your requests for your two-wheeled enthusiasts before the holiday deadline.

First, we can only surmise global invoices prepared before 11/25 will have time to be shipped and received before Christmas. We will continue to process continental USA invoices through mid-December.

Second, remember the larger the carton and the farther distance it must travel, the longer the delivery time.

Third, be prepared when you contact us. Please know what machine is being worked on and provide a list of applicable part numbers … and possible alternates in case we have sold out. Decide what method of payment you plan to use and have all information available so we can expedite the process.

Fourth, waiting until the last minute could mean our limited parts inventory has been liquidated and you will need a different solution. In the words of my favorite parts retailer “an oversight on your part does not necessarily constitute an emergency in my world.”

Finally, please remember Diane and I would enjoy a holiday season with less stress and more relaxation. We will respond and ship in a timely manner, but we have no control of a parcel after it leaves our facility. Email works best any time of day or night and I will respond in the order received. Plan ahead, order early and enjoy the season.

My best

~ Tom




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