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Harley-Davidson 1915-29 Pocket Valve Big Twins
The J / JD Model Identification and Restoration Guide

Slocombe book

FINALLY, a book on J models, an information collection of engineering changes, mechanical improvements and styling updates to educate current and future owners of pocketvalve machines. Over the years I've heard many folks talk about the necessity for such an amalgamation of facts, I've also heard qualified afficionados profess their desire to take on such a challenge. But I always believed it would be a task for more than one person with an infinite J wisdom and a technical tenacity to produce. And it was!

Replicant Metals is proud to offer Harley-Davidson1915-29 Pocket Valve Big Twins.  The J / JD Model Identification and Restoration Guide, penned by Steve Slocombe, is a superior effort to aid potential buyers, faithful restorers, and devoted owners and riders of these early machines. Although this is not intended to be a “Shop Manual” or “Builders Bible,” it will certainly assist to identify the correct parts for your year and model.

The 220-page full-color book starts with a history and Harley Davidson overview, model identification, and brief section of fasteners and finishes. Then it explodes with an impressive photo section of machines with full page left and right side photos of each year that Harley Davidson produced a pocket valve machine. The most interesting sections of the book for the restoration crowd is a visual array of all facets of these models. Identification of engines, transmissions, carburetors, exhausts, frames and forks, handlebars, tanks, mudguards, battery and tool boxes, brakes and hubs, saddles and horns is explicit. There are many comparison photos; spring forks leaning against a wall showing height and width changes, transmissions with their external control critiques and internal gear improvements, frames showing geometry and styling improvements. No stone was left unturned. I imagine there are folks that have no need for a guide, but I definitely do. I collected OEM samples for many years while reverse-engineering parts for J/JD, and sometimes I wasn’t absolutely sure what year they were used on, or where the running changes occurred. I relied on those folks proficient in pocket valves for help, but unfortunately they are becoming fewer all the time. I have read “the guide” cover to cover and have identified the differences in two early transmissions on my bench, defined what parts are incorrect in a cam chest, and what pieces I need for an early generator. Now I can continue the hunt with certainty.

My congratulations to Steve and his International sources that helped document an elusive era of motorcycle history with correct photos and archival data. Kudos and accolades for helping to perpetuate the ride!

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