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Peep Show 

Here’s wishing an exciting summer to all,
time to get outdoors and play. 

First perform all maintenance on your machines for safety sake. Then use every possible excuse to ride often, attend as many swap meets and trade shows as possible, and spend time with your chosen family. The winter was relatively mild in the mid-Atlantic corridor, hurdles were breeched and many obstacles overcome making it a productive indoor work season. 

Advances were made to several long-term projects as well as development of future NEW part offerings has continued. We spent considerable effort planning a remake of tooling for 1926-29 J model mudguards. It has been more than 5 years since we completed a batch and at that time our tooling was retired for making recesses and divots in those fenders. The pockets of the front fender are especially difficult as much metal needs to be displaced and relocated in the already work hardened 18 gauge steel rolled blank. We are engineering a new technique and that should prove beneficial as it should not deteriorate the tooling as rapidly. The rear fender also presents some challenges that are less destructive to machinery and die sets, but never-the-less tedious during assembly processes. Hopefully this investment in time will come to fruition late in 2023.

We are nearing completion of the BUZZ BOX project more than 2 years in the making. All external components are completed, the internals have most of the common obstacles defined, reverse-engineered and tooling is in process. Could be completed and ready for launch as early as Labor Day, hopefully?

Now ready for final assembly is the Replicant Metals accurate versions of KAY-BEE spot lamps correct for 1916-39 motorcycles. Both styles, “the Competitor” with low brackets and “Little King” that swivel, have been recreated with all the details that could be accommodated with limited production.

Machined brass bulb socket, switch and mounting body have been nickel plated as well as rolled bezel retainer. Mount brackets are die formed steel that was enamel dipped as OEM sample we copied. Steel reflector was hydro-formed then plated and polished to a high luster and exterior has been black enamel coated as original. Machined mounting hardware is Parkerized for rust resistance and durability. Slump glass lens has same profile as KayBee sample. Replicant Metals is proud of the exceptional finish on this obsolete and much sought after product. They will be provided with black cloth covered supply wires.

The Competitor Little King

Replicant Metals continues detailing parts preparing for the assembly process of 1920-28 J and single model headlights. All components are completed and need only be plated, Parkerized, or enamel painted before all is assembled. Should be finished before end of 2023.

It’s been a long road with these exceptionally complicated projects, and never have we compromised on materials or quality, and there lies the crux of the matter. Time passes whether we complain or not as we have no control. What a wonderful trip it is? We plan to attend Oley AMCA, Wauseon AMCA, Davenport Chief Blackhawk, Southern National and Chesapeake AMCA. Stop by our normal vending spots, but not too early in the day!

Antique Bakelite Gaming Dice Antique Bakelite Gaming Dice

Our newest addition are these Antique Bakelite Gaming Dice (above), with cadmium plated beryllium dice stem and superior leather lanyard. Get your ride looking it's hippest best! These are available in red, green or yellow.

AND don’t forget to check out www.vintagebuynow.com classified OEM used motorcycle parts listings that gets updated approximately every 30-45 days with new merchandise.

My best

~ Tom

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