HISTORY1927 8 valve engine

An old friend will tell you that years ago I had little appreciation for bicycle style motorcycles. That was in the days when my riding experience was limited to panheads, shovelheads and chiefs.

I had no time for motors with total loss oiling systems, three speed transmissions and six volt electrics. Maybe it was fear of the unknown ... then I rode a VL ... and my attitude was permanently altered.  I developed a curiosity that turned into respect for machines pre 1936, the company that developed them and the fanatics that owned them, the flatheads and pocket valves.

I eventually decided that putting fresh oil into the crank case each day was not a bad idea and that a thoroughly grounded six volt system will adequately light the road at night. Furthermore, three speeds forward is quite enough.  The more basket cases I acquired, the more parts and information I collected, the more owners and riders of primitive machines that befriended me, the more addicted I became.

Before long, I heard the rumble of discontent from those enthusiasts. Limited technical information, a dwindling supply of old timers with first hand knowledge, and poor quality replacement parts all contributed to problems. That was twenty years ago when several brave enthusiasts stepped up to the plate and assembled all the credible technical information that could be found and made it available to the public.

Shortly after, some entrepreneurs began to reproduce limited quantities of hardware, motor components, and accessories, which allowed enthusiasts to bring some machines closer to completion. This new inspiration caused contempt for my chosen previous occupations and I began the transition—the transformation to REPLICANT METALS.

As we enter 2016, REPLICANT METALS will be offering most of the tank sets, fenders, chain cases, tool boxes, battery boxes, lamp bodies, oiler covers, side stands and lighting that is necessary for the Harley Davidson singles and twins produced from 1915 to 1936, including J / JD / VL / RL / DL and early G.  We constantly add new parts to our inventory and are now expanding into rigid frame Big Twin sheet metal and associated hardwares up to and including 1957. 

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