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1919 J Years ago, while dabbling in amateur restorations of my own antique machines I constantly critiqued the quality of original parts compared to the questionable value of reproduction parts that were available.   I learned what names to honor and which to disregard while I gained the respect of my peers in the vintage motorcycle trades.  During the pursuit of excellence I encountered some exceptional quality, suffered many disappointments and was eventually persuaded to locate artisans and metal mechanics to help fill the void.  Thanks to the encouragement of several cohorts, Replicant Metals now offers a relatively unsurpassed selection of sheet metal for Harley Davidson twins from the 1916 J through the 1930-36 VL, DL, RL, and limited volumes of 1936-48 UL, EL, and FL.  We are not a walk-in repair shop and do not waste our time answering backyard questions with shade tree advice.

Although REPLICANT METALS is primarily a vintage motorcycle parts supply consortium, we are equally educated in restoration trades.  Ask how our expertise, inventory and business associates can benefit your next restoration project.  We are uniquely qualified to recommend experienced professionals with specific skills for your vintage machine.  We are closely associated with foremost motor builders of the pocket valve and flathead world and have close alliance to the most competent welders and frame specialists on the East Coast.

We offer these services at our facility for 1930-36 VL models only;
- Locater service for NOS, original used or quality rare aftermarket parts.
- Locator service for original VL series motorcycles and sidecars.
- Correct detailing of your hardware (parkerize, cad plate, enamel paint)
- Large selection of side car and package truck parts.

We can recommend expert services by qualified professionals; 
- Frame straightening and springer fork alignment.
- Premier motor and transmission building.
- Expert motor and transmission case repairs.
- Color correct period style paints and application for vintage machines.

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