Replicant Metals denies any official connection to the Harley Davidson Motor Company and admits only to utilizing their model names and numbers as a reference for enthusiasts to identify vintage machines and replacement parts.

Replicant Metals exerts due diligence while selecting imported replacement parts by visually examining them for evident flaws and fitment. Regardless, we assume no liability for potential damage issues associated with their usage and will refer all claims directly to the manufacturer.

Replicant Metals warrants our self-generated, limited production parts for their replacement value only. We do not imply, express or accept any liability for incidental, consequential or collateral damages that may be encountered from proper or improper installation and usage. The purchaser therefore agrees to accept all risk associated with the ownership and operation of antique and vintage machines whether stationary or in motion.

Replicant Metals limited quantity hand manufactured replacement parts for Harley Davidson J / JD / V / VL / RL / DL series motorcycles are produced to return early machines to a roadworthy condition.

3701-34-VL-front-fendeWe try to provide the absolute best quality in materials and workmanship while keeping products affordable to the enthusiast.

All fenders, oiler covers, and fuel tank sets have been fitted with original hardware, pressure tested to assure quality, and when possible installed on original machines to insure proper fitment. Replicant replacement hardware parts and accessories are stress relieved and heat treated by qualified professionals to the same exacting standards as the factory originals.  

However, early machines exhibited an “acceptable standard” of manufacturing flaws and discrepancies, as well as countless years of abuse and disrepair.  Our merchandise being of a limited production volume and hand made nature also contains manufacturing idiosyncrasies due to the lack of expensive dies and massive forming equipment.  Some products are primer coated and may contain a small volume of polyester needed to fill imperfections from the manufacturing process.  We exert as much conscientious effort as possible to deliver a “peel and eat” product but need the consumer to never assume everything is perfect.

Therefore, you need to frame fit to your machine and power plant all parts before application of your expensive finish paint, decals and striping.  You need to include all brackets, spacers and hardware necessary for the product to be securely installed and bolted in place as intended for use.

3452-25-JD-tool-box-hingeWe endeavor to provide quality products to the consumer and will accept returns and issue refunds ONLY if product is returned in the same condition as it was received.  This means absolutely no alterations of any kind; no enlarged holes or altered profiles, no applied sealers or paints and in the same pristine surface condition as they were received.

Should you be dissatisfied when you open your shipment, PLEASE, give me a call and describe the problem.  We will work it out for mutual satisfaction.  An open line of communication will assure a smooth transaction and pursuit of your satisfaction.

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