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Air Intake epistle;

1406-35 air intake used on 1935 VL 74 and RL45 models was a handsome “ART Deco” chrome plated receiver and issued one year only. Our astute production team has faithfully reverse engineered this iconic example of mid-30’s design and promises to produce it in an unsurpassed bright finish. Will fit all models with left side mounted Schebler and Linkert carburetors. Does not include a filter element although a foam K&N custom fit should be considered.

1406-36B air intake is mirror image of 1406-36 and was used exclusively on right side mounted 1936 EL 61” machines. Can be used on all right side mounted overhead valve models with Linkert carburetor. Highly sought after for cut-downs and chopper builds. Expected to be available chrome plated 2021. Our photo shows the raw steel prototype.

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