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There are several important announcements to be made, although not in a specific order of importance. We cannot determine an exact release date for any of the following products due to the amount of meticulous tooling and die forming work necessary to provide a superior product.

REPLICANT METALS continues to provide limited edition vintage Harley Davidson JD/VL/RL/UL/EL cast chromology parts. Made in the USA, all parts are exact copies with raised forging numbers, correct machine work and proper heat treatment. Inventory is always limited as parts are produced in manageable size batches for quality control. New part numbers of products are constantly being added. Call early to insure availability.

Six years ago, REPLICANT METALS announced the acquisition of the Dick Winger line of electric headlamp dies for twenties Harley Davidson machines. After several meticulous improvements we intend to release 4 versions of 1920 -28 J/JD adjustable focus lamps during the Fall of 2020. All parts are now formed waiting to be plated, painted and assembled. Recently RM has purchased from Steve Slocombe the VL Heaven headlamp dies to form the Solar Cycle and John Brown Motolamp headlight styles for 1929-34 machines. Our spinning shop has started to refine their details and expect to offer lamps for 1929-34 HD Big Twins, forty fives and singles within the next year or so.

REPLICANT METALS is pursuing limited production Delco and Weston ammeters for the 4514-29 ignition dash assembly (1929-36 all). All forming dies are completed, first pressings have been approved and all parts excepting gauges are ready to start production and assembly. Proofs of the cover and base are perfect, proper screws and fasteners have been obtained, phenolic insulators are cut and label discs are finished. Will only be short time until switch levers and lighting components are completed and hopefully gauges can be contracted.

REPLICANT METALS has expanded our offerings of saddles and now stocks Mesinger Race, Mesinger Auto Cushion and Mesinger numbers 1, 3, and 4 half pan saddles. We plan next year to add Troxel Eagle and Troxel Jumbo saddles for your antique machines. These new additions will all be available in raw sienna and dark umber, with select versions in black leather as all other Mesinger, Persons and HD full pan styles now available. 

REPLICANT METALS has debuted BIG TWIN front fenders!  More than two years in development with painstaking attention paid to all details.

  • We will offer 3703-36 narrow brace butterfly (1936-early 39) and 3703-39 narrow brace front fenders (1939-early 46) for UL and EL.
  • Winter 2020/21, we plan to complete 3703-46 front and 3711-47 rear wide brace fenders for UL and EL.

All these items promise to be well worth the wait.

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