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Many antique motorcycle parts sellers from Ebay and National swap meets when asked about an alternate venue provide similar responses. Some dislike Ebay due to corporate business principles – fees, shipping, mandated PayPal payment method, tax collection, format, and isolated fraud. All sellers love swap meets but no longer get to enjoy shopping while vending.  Vending is simply too much intensive work and paid helpers delete the profit. Others dislike Ebay as it only cares about buyers’ protection and some programs such as CycleDope are only accessible with a cellphone app and require PayPal leaving the “old timers” disconnected. 

Vintage BUY NOW hopes to rectify as many of those issues as possible. The Vintage BUY NOW concept is a modern digital interpretation of the beloved swap meet event. It is a custom-tailored classified ad listing service focused on connecting sellers of antique parts with buyers searching for mechanical-unobtanium around the planet. First examine product, contemplateprice and decide if you wish to purchase immediately, or not, take a walk and think about it, maybe get back to it later? Our program is simplified to make the seller listing and buyer shopping experience as satisfying as possible in our compromised social world. Everyone can browse for free anytime they wish, the world is at your fingertips.

After seller registers they select appropriate category, fill in couple details, enter high resolution photos with concise description that includes reasonable selling price, preferred shipping method, acceptable payments techniques and the business hours they will receive and respond to direct communications. When seller selects ”List Now” his PayPal or Credit Card account is charged and ad is listed until sold, or for 30 days, when it is automatically deleted.

When potential buyer locates an object he wishes to acquire, he must register with Vintage BUY NOW (same as any auction service). When registration is complete, buyer can then access sellers’ information for immediate contact. When buyer supplies his shipping address, seller will calculate cost and can accept payment. Shipping or payment choices can be made at that time. Seller should immediately cancel listing when transaction has been completed. Shipping is requested next business day with notification of tracking number sent to buyer.

Vintage BUY NOW is NOT an auction. We are a listing service only and do not collect data concerning completion of sales. Vintage BUY NOW therefore accepts no liability to report taxes for independent vendors.

Vintage BUY NOW will provide a global audience collected from all available techniques. We utilize our business lists for direct marketing, website links, blogs and forum notices as well as magazine ads of the trades.

Each new seller can list 5 free ads to test drive our site, get a feel for how it handles. Give us a try, you will be surprised how easy it is!


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