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1932 Accessory Catalog
60 pages.......$16
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1934 Accessory Catalog
31 pages.......$12
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1935 Accessory Catalog
64 pages.......$16
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1936 Accessory Catalog
31 pages.......$16
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1937 Accessory Catalog
65 pages.......$16
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1930 Fall and Winter Catalog
48 pages.....$16
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1933 Accessory Catalog
31 pages.......$14


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1913-21 spare parts
93 pages.....$20
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1922-28 spare parts
84 pages.....$20
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1927-31 spare parts
94 pages.....$20
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1930-33 Spare Parts
84 pages.....$29
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1926-35 Spare Parts
129 pages.....$35
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1920 Owners Manual
102 pages.....$30.
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1921-25 Spare Parts Manual
65 pages.......$20
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1926-37 Spare Parts
cloth bound / 168 pages
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1928-32 Spare Parts
92 pages.......$20

1916-39 Wiring Diagram Compilation-24 pgs...$20


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VL Service Shop Dope
132 pages
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Standards of Practice
spiral bound / 82 pages
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Announcing 1930-36 Enthusiast Exerpts
80 pages.......$22
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Running and Adjusting Instructions (1937-40)
38 pages.....$20
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J Models Service Dept. Bulletin / 128 pages
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Big Twin Side Cars 1920
Inst. Book


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1923 Riders Hand Book
58 pages.....$29
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1923-29 Rider's Manuals compilation-128 pages, spiral bound........$40
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1926 Rider's Handbook
37 pages..... $16
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1930 Rider's Handbook
41 pages......$16
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1931-36 Rider's Handbook compilation- 128 pages / spiral bound.....$40


/ Johnny Sells / 2nd edition


/ Johnny Sells / first edition 2005
     - 21 chapters arranged in a fluid, concise manner covering all the changes of the early 45's from their inception. Absolutely brimming with the information necessary to do an accurate and thorough restoration of 1929-36 HD 45 twins. Step by step guide to deciphering what collection of parts you have actually bought and how to correct all it's issues accurately and decisively.
     - 7 indexes with all the pertinent data; tools and resources, bibliography and photographs, parts lists, electrical fundamentals, bearings, sales brochures and original engine tuning specifications.
     - hundreds of factory archival and technical photographs,,,, all captured with crisp digital photography and vividly printed on glossy stock.
     - spiral bound in excess of 400 pages.
     - a great documentary and literary achievement.

Absolutely impossible to conduct an early 45 restoration without this extensive research. If you do not own a DL/RL series machine, this is worth owning to increase your understanding of the engineering prowess and manufacturing diversity of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. - cost $75 US plus shipping

"Harley Davidson Side Cars" History and Restoration by Ric Bolduc

The long-anticipated book that will assist enthusiasts in their identification and rejuvenation of side car machines from 1914-1935 is now available! Called side car rigs, side hacks, and family taxi over the decades, they are now de-mystified with a thorough chronicle all versions. There is the 10H, 15L, LX, LR, LT, LQ, QT, LS, and a myriad of subcategories.

Ric has researched Harley Davidson sidecars beyond the realm of imagination, catalogued all components from the mounts and attachment bracketry to the spare tire and luggage carriers. All phases of development and HD sub-manufacturers are documented – the Rogers, Goulding years of gondola production; and application of enamel paint and colors; how the striping changed. The frame design and assembly techniques, spring and shackle suspension, as well as interior upholstery and accessories changed during the years as road surfaces improved and usage escalated. Kudos and accolades to Ric for his exhaustive research and publishing effort that produced a superior 560-page manual with highly documented photos.

My family has been enthusiastic side car riders for more than 30-years and has been defined by children flipping a coin, keeping track of whose turn it is on the calendar, and of course, with special request birthday rides. We will probably always have a sidecar or two and maybe a package truck.  But in my home, only I know the serious research that was required to make most aspects of each machine correct, and for parts to assemble and work as designed. Ric has taken that work out of the equation for future generations of enthusiasts and aficionados.

$95 +S & H

Harley-Davidson 1915-29 Pocket Valve Big Twins
An Identication and Restoration Guide

/ Steve Slocombe
The 220-page full-color book starts with a history and Harley Davidson overview, model identification, and brief section of fasteners and finishes. Then it explodes with an impressive photo section of machines with full page left and right side photos of each year that Harley Davidson produced a pocket valve machine. The most interesting sections of the book for the restoration crowd is a visual array of all facets of these models. Identification of engines, transmissions, carburetors, exhausts, frames and forks, handlebars, tanks, mudguards, battery and tool boxes, brakes and hubs, saddles and horns is explicit. There are many comparison photos; spring forks leaning against a wall showing height and width changes, transmissions with their external control critiques and internal gear improvements, frames showing geometry and styling improvements. No stone was left unturned. I imagine there are folks that have no need for a guide, but I definitely do. I collected OEM samples for many years while reverse-engineering parts for J/JD, and sometimes I wasn’t absolutely sure what year they were used on, or where the running changes occurred. I relied on those folks proficient in pocket valves for help, but unfortunately they are becoming fewer all the time. I have read “the guide” cover to cover and have identified the differences in two early transmissions on my bench, defined what parts are incorrect in a cam chest, and what pieces I need for an early generator. Now I can continue the hunt with certainty.

My congratulations to Steve and his International sources that helped document an elusive era of motorcycle history with correct photos and archival data. Kudos and accolades for helping to perpetuate the ride!

$80 +S & H

/ Steve Slocombe / fourth edition 2007
     - 28 chapters dedicated to the acquisition, restoration, maintenance and enjoyment of the 74/80" sidevalve Big Twin VL. A thorough research project fired by a passion for the rugged workhorse of a machine and fueled by an enthusiasts' dedication to completion of a task.
     - 7 appendices describing all the necessary dialog, descriptions and analysis of concept to bring your machine to a noteworthy standard.
     - dozens of factory photographs, countless illustrations and dissected assembly photos guide the novice through the processes necessary to complete each task.
      - spiral bound in excess of 225 pages, folds back for good shop handling.
     - would not be wise to undertake a restoration of any year VL series machine without this thorough guide. - cost $55 US plus shipping

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